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Palettone PUR enables you to bring a special brand of style and elegance to any commercial environment. Available in sheet in a palette of 50 contemporary colours, ranging from pale neutrals through to more intense shades, Palettone PUR features a solid colour base with complementary toned highlights.

Use Areas

Designed for contemporary interior design schemes in commercial, leisure, retail, education, healthcare and office projects.


• 2mm Gauge
• Full conformance with the requirements of EN 649/EN ISO 10581
• Flexible pvc sheet flooring in 2mm thickness
• Use area classification 23/34/43 as defined in EN 685/EN ISO 10874
• Fully tested to EN 13501-1 in respect of flamespread
• For slip resistance, classified DS to EN 13893
• R10 slip resistance (for sustainable wet slip resistance refer to Polysafe ranges)
• Abrasion group T (EN 660-2) and classified Type I within EN ISO 10581
• BRE Global Generic A+ rating in major use areas such as education and healthcare
• Tested to international standards for low VOC emissions
Recommended adhesive for standard installations is Star 100
Refer to Adhesive Guide for further information

Aqua Pura

Aqua Pura 8651

Blossom Air

Blossom Air 8625

Cool Blende

Cool Blende 8636

Deep Space

Deep Space 8609

Dove Tail

Dove Tail 8607

Dried Tarragon

Dried Tarragon 8644


Earthenware 8641

Faded Denim

Faded Denim 8613

Fired Ochre

Fired Ochre 8642

Freshly Ground

Freshly Ground 8624

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass 8606

Garden Sage

Garden Sage 8643

Hay Grain

Hay Grain 8655

Lily Petal

Lily Petal 8626

Linen Air

Linen Air 8635

Lunar Landscape

Lunar Landscape 8637

Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton 8621

New Dawn

New Dawn 8630

Pencil Lead

Pencil Lead 8608


Petrol 8614

Potters Wheel

Potters Wheel 8628

Primed Canvas

Primed Canvas 8654


Quarrystone 8639

Regency Room

Regency Room 8629

Sapphire Star

Sapphire Star 8649

Sugar Candy

Sugar Candy 8627

Superior Sky

Superior Sky 8648

Urban Air

Urban Air 8605

NOTE: Images and swatches are for guidance only. For product and colour selection, an original sample is recommended.

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